Wearing the right breast form can make a big difference in how you feel every day.

Amoena breast forms are designed for optimum comfort and performance.  We understand, though, that with such a wide range to choose from, selecting the right one can be a bit overwhelming!  

To make it easier, we code the cup form and shape of our products with a number and letter system that's similar to those used for clothing such as jeans and bras. There are three easy steps to choosing the correct product:

Step 1: Cup fullness
First select the cup fullness you need. Is your remaining breast (1) shallow, (2) average or (3) full?


Step 2: Shape
Then select the shape (S) symmetrical, (A) asymmetrical or (E) extra. Generally a symmetrical shape is best after a standard mastectomy and an asymmetrical breast form is best if you have had lymph nodes or tissue removed from under your arm. 

Step 3: Size
Find your bra cup size in the following chart. Follow the row horizontally to find your bra band size. Follow this column vertically down to the breast form size. The number in this square gives you the product size to try. This chart is only a guide, for a perfect fit, size up or down as needed.