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Meditation Bracelet Workshop

  • Red Lotus 3020 Preston Avenue South Saskatoon, SK, S7T 0V2 Canada (map)

Red Lotus is thrilled to have Nichole Berezowski, the owner of Zen Gems Jewelry, facilitate this amazing workshop in our space.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn how to set your intention and create a beautiful piece that is designed by you and for you with your amazing energy!


This workshop provides you with the space and materials you need to set an intention, and create a meditation bracelet to help manifest that very intention! 

Each participant will leave with their own custom designed and made 27 bead double wrap meditation bracelet ($55-60 value). This includes their gemstone choice of over a dozen stones, gold, bronze or silver spacers, guru bead & charm.  This workshop will provide you with the materials and instruction to set an intention for your piece, select a mantra and use your bracelet as a Japa style meditation tool. I will go over crystal basics (how they work, hold energy, how certain stones have different properties, as well as how to charge them with an intention, and cleanse them). 

Bracelet details:
This bracelet can then can be used four times to equal 108 in your Japa Meditation. A mantra is an effective part of using your mala beads for Japa Meditation (this can be a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating). This can change every time you use your mala to meditate. Sometimes it is easy to meditate on qualities you wish to bring light to in your life. Your mantra could be a single word, such as ground, surrender, breathe, peace, balance, wisdom, presence, etc. If you practice daily affirmations, these can also be used while you meditate.

Why is it important to have a certain number of beads?
All of my Malas and Mala bracelets are made to specific spiritual numbers: 108/72/54. Optimally, a multiple of 9.
• Some believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul
• Others associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths, while in deep Japa meditation. 
• In relation to the chakras (the seven energy points in our body); It has been said there are 108 energy lines connecting to the heart, with one of them believed to be the path to self-realization. 
• There are said to be 108 earthly desires.
• Many choose to recite their mantra in Sanskrit, the ancient script of India. Within the Sanskrit alphabet there are 54 letters. Each letter has a feminine and masculine version — totaling 108.

Date: Thursday September 28, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Red Lotus, #170 - 3020 Preston Avenue

Cost: $45 - included in price; all supplies required to create your mediation bracelet,  light snacks and non-alcohol cool beverages.

Registration:  We encourage you to register early as seating is limited.