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Guided Meditation with Katherine Dempsey

Combining gentle movement, seated meditation and Sound of Crystal Singing Bowls

Katherine weaves motion, sound and stillness to help you to rediscover body, mind, spirit connection. There is a power in its simplicity that leads you to peaceful calmness. Anxiety and worry fall away as the body relaxes. These sessions are for everyone and very easy to learn.

There are a few folding chairs available for attendees to use, however we recommend that you bring whatever seat you find most comfortable.  Whether its a comfy folding/lawn chair, meditation cushion, zero gravity chair, seat or mat.  Bring what you feel best seated in.

The meditation session starts promptly at 7:00.  Please arrive by 6:45pm so you have time to set up your seat and settle in.

This is a drop-in session with no set fee to attend. If possible, please bring a cash donation for the facilitator.  We suggest a donation of $10, however, please do not let financial resources prevent you from attending.