Red Lotus - Our Company

At Red Lotus we believe that to achieve great healing, our health must be addressed based on our entire being, not just the ailing part of our bodies. We take great pride in providing our clients with exceptional products and services that are tailored to meet their unique and individual needs. Our goal is to offer each client options that will encourage and support their physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual healing process. 

Every detail in Red Lotus’ space was designed with the unique needs of its clients in mind.  Clients can expect to experience an atmosphere like no other. Red Lotus’ tranquil, private and Zen environment creates an amazing spa like retail experience.

The CEO/Founder:

CEO/Founder, Moneca McLean, was inspired to open Red Lotus through her own personal experience of supporting women close to her who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Through witnessing their journey, her desire to open a boutique that was warm, tranquil, fun, compassionate and inspiring became her mission. She was determined to provide all women the opportunity to shop in a spa like retail environment where they would have access to a beautiful selection of clothing that is fashionable, fun, sexy and (of course) comfortable!  Providing her clients the opportunity to feel confident and leave carrying a higher positive body image is what it’s all about.

“Red Lotus is a space where myself and my team, can actively support our clients by helping them to embrace a positive body image, feel confident in who they are and how they walk in the world before and after their breast surgery.  I believe that how we feel - affects how we heal.” Moneca is incredibly proud to be the CEO/Founder of this unique, one of a kind boutique in Saskatchewan! 

Red Lotus' clothing line and products are designed to provide the best breast health for all women. Red Lotus’ certified fitters specialize in fitting women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, women who have had mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reduction, augmentation surgery, and members of the LGBTQI2+ community who require the use of breast forms, brassieres and symmetry products.